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Contact lenses are recyclable

May 22, 2019 by Lora  
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Have you heard about the One by One Recycling Program by Bausch + Lomb? Are you concerned about the waste you are creating with contact lenses, especially those of us who wear daily disposable contact lenses? Bausch + Lomb has a contact lens recycling program for all brands and types of soft contact lenses! The [...]

Daily Throw Away Contact Lenses

September 28, 2017 by Lora  
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Doctor: I’m going to fit you with a daily throw away contact lens. Patient: What? I’m going to throw my contact lens out every night? Doctor: Yes! Patient: That’s wasteful and expensive. I can’t do that. Doctor: That’s what many people say to me. Here is the reality, though. A daily throw away contact lens [...]