Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Daily Throw Away Contact Lenses

September 28, 2017

Doctor: I’m going to fit you with a daily throw away contact lens.

Patient: What? I’m going to throw my contact lens out every night?

Doctor: Yes!

Patient: That’s wasteful and expensive. I can’t do that.

Doctor: That’s what many people say to me. Here is the reality, though. A daily throw away contact lens is the safest way to wear contact lenses. You have the least likelihood of coming down with an eye infection. Your eyes will thank you for a new, fresh, comfortable lens every morning. You don’t have to rinse, rub, disinfect, store, worry about how long you’ve had the lenses, buy solutions and cases or anything else to go along with your new lenses. You don’t have to worry about build up of deposits on the lens surface any more. You don’t have to fight through the uncomfortable last days of the lens just waiting to throw them out to get to the beginning of the month so you can put that new one in. It’s way more convenient as well.

Patient: Ok, I can see that. But, what about the cost?

Doctor: Sure, they may be a tad more up front, but over the course of the year, it all pans out to be even, if not, less. Remember, you don’t have to purchase solutions any more. They alone range $6-$12 per month totaling around $80-$100 per year. The manufacturer has a better rebate available for daily throw aways. Then, with whatever help from your vision plan, the cost is negligible over the year! It’s a win-win!

Patient: When do I get to try these?

Doctor: The newest technology lenses are right here for you to take home and try. I’ll see you back in a week to check them on your eyes.

Patient: Ok, great, thank you!