Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

The growing popularity of Glare-Free Lenses!

February 9, 2011

All materials and surfaces will absorb light, reflect light off of itself, or pass light through itself. Think of standing on your porch and gazing through the living room window. The window you are looking through allows light to pass through it in both directions. The TV in the living room can be seen by you on the porch, the road can be seen by someone from inside, but you can also see reflections of outside when you try to look through that window. The window not only allows light to pass through it, but it also reflects light off of its surface. Now, think of your eyeglasses or the last time you were talking to someone wearing eyeglasses. Did you see the person’s eyes when you were talking with them? Did you notice any other reflections that were bouncing off the surface of their lenses?

The terms glare-free, AR, anti-reflective and anti-glare all refer to properties of a special treatment for your eyeglass lenses. We have just learned that the surface of eyeglass lenses, by nature, pass light through the lens into your eye and reflect light off of the lens away from your eye. Believe it or not, without glare-free treatment your eyeglass lenses can reflect over 10 % of the light! This results in “ghosting” of images and distracting glare that can lead to eye strain. Anti-reflective lenses will allow you to see better because nearly 100% of the light will pass through the lenses and into your eye. When you wear anti-reflective lenses you will notice clear, crisp vision because all the light passes through the lenses and into your eye. When you are looking at someone wearing glare-free lenses you will see their eyes without any reflected images and wonder if there are really any lenses in their frames!

Common items that come equipped with glare-free lenses are cameras, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, and some picture frames.

If you use a computer, drive a car, or make presentations at work in front of a group of people, consider ordering your next set of lenses glare-free!!