Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Sun Protection For Your Eyes

April 13, 2012

Solar radiation is a concern for many of us, but most people are thinking about protecting their skin, not their eyes.  Whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day, summer or winter, it is important to take specific measures to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays in order to decrease the risk of vision disorders.  We recommend wearing quality sunglasses that offer proper protection and a wide-brimmed hat whenever people spend time outdoors.

Don’t forget kids when thinking about sun wear.  Younger eyes have less capability to filter UV rays than adult eyes; therefore the younger the child, the more protection they need.  Children typically spend more time outdoors in the sunlight than adults.  The sun’s rays cause damage over a period of years, so it’s important to begin wearing sunglasses in childhood.  Solar radiation damage to the eye is cumulative and may increase the risk of developing an ocular disorder later in life.

The lenses in sunglasses should be made from polycarbonate or trivex material.  They provide the most impact resistance, but are not a substitute for occupational or sports safety eyewear.  

Polarized lenses effectively combat reflected glare.  They can provide added comfort and better vision.

Don’t forget to schedule your annual comprehensive eye exams.  It’s a good way to monitor eye health, maintain good vision, and keep up to date on the latest in UV radiation protection.