Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


Daily Throw Away Contact Lenses

Doctor: I’m going to fit you with a daily throw away contact lens. Patient: What? I’m going to throw my contact lens out every night? Doctor: Yes! Patient: That’s wasteful and expensive. I can’t do that. Doctor: That’s what many people say to me. Here is the reality, though. A daily throw away contact lens [...]

Did You Know?…

…that 50% of parents do not regularly provide their children with adequate sun protection for their eyes? BUT 82% of parents believe it is important for children to wear sunglasses with full UV protection! The facts: Children’s eyes are more susceptible to UV damage. Children tend to spend more time outdoors than adults. Children tend [...]

Camp Hill Face Lift

When the New Year rolls around we will have a fresh look in our Camp Hill office. A complete dispensary renovation is taking place over the Holidays! We look forward to the new, bright and modern finishings. In the meantime, please excuse the construction mess inside! Thanks to all our patients for their trust and [...]

Aisles of Confusion

Have you ever wondered why there are so many choices for contact lens solutions, rewetting eye drops, or even fish oil? Browsing the aisles at your local store can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. They are NOT all equal!! Please ask at your exam if there is a [...]

That was smooth!!

It’s a lot of work moving an entire office suite, but it really couldn’t have gone much smoother. We are now nestling into our new space here on Londonderry Road. Come and check out the new facility. For the next six weeks, leading up to our Grand Opening on June 15th (8am-12pm), we will have [...]

We’re Moving!!!

We are excited to announce the relocation of the Harrisburg location to 4854 Londonderry Road this May, 2013! You’ll see the same great faces and receive the same excellent care by our doctors in our new surroundings! Our phone number will remain the same: 657-3682. If you have scheduled an appointment near this time, that [...]

Sun Protection For Your Eyes

Solar radiation is a concern for many of us, but most people are thinking about protecting their skin, not their eyes.  Whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day, summer or winter, it is important to take specific measures to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays in order to decrease the risk of vision disorders. [...]

The growing popularity of Glare-Free Lenses!

All materials and surfaces will absorb light, reflect light off of itself, or pass light through itself. Think of standing on your porch and gazing through the living room window. The window you are looking through allows light to pass through it in both directions. The TV in the living room can be seen by [...]

Vision Screening

Vision Screening Won’t Detect Vision Problems in School-Aged Children Every test a child passes at school is a cause for celebration, but parents need to know there’s one “test” that isn’t really a test at all. This test is the school vision screening. Many parents think that passing the school vision screening means their child [...]

Open Your Eyes to Healthy Eating Habits

In honor of March’s Save Your Vision Month, the American Optometric Association (AOA) reminds Americans that caring for eyes includes paying attention to nutrition. Approximately 43 million Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD)or cataracts, the two leading causes of vision loss and blindness. Based on research from multiple studies, there is a strong correlation [...]